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Present Day Tarot Frequent Reader Cards (1)Hello, Tarot Friends:

Check out these Present Day Tarot gift offerings for the season! A tarot-related gift allows you the pleasure of giving a unique, meaningful, experience-based treasure while supporting small business. 

Order before December 16th to receive printed materials in the mail, or before December 22nd to have them sent to you electronically. Place your order by going to this link, or by contacting me directly (info below).

I wish you all the best for a love-filled holiday season!

— Yetta

Moon Tarot Salon cardGift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for any of my tarot reading services, including in-person, phone, or email readings. (See my website for the full selection). You may also purchase general gift certificates for the dollar amount of your choice. Purchase using this link.

Stocking Stuffer Special

Here’s a bargain-basement special just for you: Purchase an email, 3-card reading for just $35 in the month of December. The discount certificates (down from the usual price of $75), will need to be redeemed by the end of February, 2018. Purchase using this link.

Tarot Salon Membership

The Tarot Salon is a drop-in class for tarot students and enthusiasts. I run it twice monthly at my home studio in Southeast Seattle. Purchase Frequent Reader Cards for 3 and 10 sessions, or a gift certificate for a single entry. Details and dates for 2018 can be found on this page. Purchase using this link.

A note about purchases

I am a tarot reader, not an online marketer! While I like to think that my homespun systems are quaint, if you ever run into difficulty following my links to order and pay, please just contact me directly by email (yetta@presentdaytarot.com) or by phone (206) 605-5578, and I promise to make it very easy for you. Thank you, and happy holidays!




About Studying Tarot

Version 2About the verb TO STUDY: Is this as much of your daily routine as, say, eating or sleeping? Do you study life at every turn, looking for meaning from your experiences and clarity for the choices ahead? These are among the best reasons to study tarot.

One approach to studying tarot is to learn the meanings of cards and turn the cards in constellations to find a hidden message. This is valid, fun, and — amazingly — it works! The thrill of synergy can be yours again and again, whether or not you think of yourself as a psychic person.

But like so many other studies, learning tarot is a series of plateaus and surges. That initial level of study will only take you so far, and will either lead to more study or will stop giving back. Rather than getting discouraged at a plateau, Tarot nudges you to get creative. Try new things, or revisit forgotten knowledge, to keep your practice vibrant and alive. You will find this lively dynamic of question and answer permeating all other aspects of your life.


If you live in Seattle, one way to get creative with your tarot study is to join the Tarot Salon. This is a monthly event in my Southeast Seattle studio, in which we discuss tarot, see sample readings, and practice reading for each other. Find out more about the Tarot Salon here — and please come along!


The image above is from the Golden Tarot by Kat Black. The Page of Swords is the ultimate student, drawn to ideas and energy that exist in the unseen. This student has persistent curiosity and is not bound by preconceived ideas. Bring your inner Page of Swords to the next Tarot Salon!


Tarot From the U.K. to Sicily

CCI14052017I have never been a fan of Aleister Crowley, one of the big personalities in early 20th century tarot. However, I am grateful for his contributions. His was one of the clashing egos that led to the breakup of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult group that was active in England until the late 1800’s. The split of that group precipitated the unveiling of its Secrets — including tarot. Crowley wrote, taught, and eventually created the Thoth Tarot deck, which adds layers of astrology and Jewish mysticism to the standard tarot platform. Without Crowley and the undoing of the Golden Dawn, tarot might still be in the shadows today.

Version 2As I prepare for a trip to Sicily, I just learned that Crowley spent a happy decade in the North Sicilian town of Cefalu, before being driven out by Mussolini in 1923. He created a school of the occult and housed it in what he called the Abbey of Thelema, overlooking the sea. As it stands today, it looks more like a dilapidated crack house than anything else, and the stories I have found support that general impression. Still, I may seek out the abandoned building while I’m there. Wouldn’t you?

Pictured here are two of my favorite cards from the Thoth deck, which was painted by Lady Freida Harris over the course of many years. It was not published until 1969, after both she and Crowley had died.

I am excited for this trip! I’m flying through London where I will attend the London Tarot Festival of 2017. (Angling for a speaker’s position in 2018, doncha think?) Then to Palermo, where I will meet up with card-playing friends who have been practicing “Scopa!” and other games played with the Sicilian deck — an obvious derivation of 15th century tarot. While I explore catacombs and ruins, and keep and eye on the rumblings of Mt. Etna, I will be on the lookout for visceral connections to my own Italian ancestors, the Caiazzo family. More to come.


While I am abroad, I am putting my readings on hold. But you can schedule ahead to mid-June and later by visiting my online scheduling software.



For the Father of a Teen


“Help me understand how to relate to my kid,” a father said to me. “He’s a teenager, his lives with his mom, and I’m worried that he has no direction in life. He plays video games, is on his computer all the time, and gives me no reason to believe he’s got any thoughts for the future. I’m afraid that if I don’t teach him better, he’ll just drift through life and waste his potential.”

The most common advice he heard from his friends was difficult for him to accept. They told him, gently I imagine, to back off, cut the kid some slack, and recognize his actions as controlling. He suspected there was some wisdom in that advice, but he was not willing to surrender completely to their assessment. Regardless, he knew he and his son were stuck in an imperfect pattern.

Slide1 (1)What did the cards have to say?

He shuffled and cut the deck for a simple 3-card spread:

  1. 6 of Swords, upright
  2. 2 of Wands, reversed
  3. Page of Swords, upright

Version 3

The 6 of Swords as a covering card was a refreshing surprise for me. Rather than saying “back off,” this card validates the man’s role as a guide. It also acknowledges that his role is complicated, and that the journey is not simple. The 6 of Swords is commonly said to be about the journey from rough to calm waters. (I’ve written about it before). In the Golden Tarot deck, it clearly shows a trio. Examining their family roles would have been a bigger and different reading, but the important message for this reading was that his guidance IS necessary to help his child navigate his adolescence. He has a place in the boat. It saw it as a vote of confidence for him. He has a prominent place in this boat.

Version 2But the qualifying cards gave a slight twist. I felt that both qualifying cards referred directly to the teen. Card 3, the Page of Swords, was upright, looking outward. The words I connected to at the time were: True, Stalwart, Sincere, Healthy. The Page is a lovely teenager with great potential. In the same way that the first card was a vote of confidence for the man, I saw this as a tribute to this boy’s strength and curiosity. I let the dad sit with this image. Can you see your son in this card?

CCI16032017_2To the left was the only reversed card in the bunch: the 2 of Wands. In this card, a figure stands looking at the horizon with a globe in his hand. This card is about setting plans, seeing the big picture, and imagining the future. But the card was upside-down. Reversals rarely indicated a lack of something, but rather a presence that is qualified in some way. I read this as saying that the energy of the 2 of Wands was emergent in the teen. The skill was growing, but was not yet strong enough to be visible to others.

The message I left this client with was: “You are an important guide to your son. He is learning from you if he shows it or not. And, at the same time that you help steer the ship, you can hold steady to your belief in your son’s goodness. He has more going on inside than he is able to show at this time. In the same way that these cards validate your role as a guide, they also validate your son’s strength and developing maturity. Does seeing that in the cards make it possible for you to improve the dynamic that has been bothering you?”


For more about Present Day Tarot and Yetta Snow, go to PresentDayTarot.com or facebook.com/PresentDayTarot. You can also book a reading directly online.

Press Release: TxROT WOMxN’s March


“There must be, like, a thousand decks here!” delighted organizers exclaim

THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS, January 21, 2017. — The Tarot’s Major Arcana, Royalty and Pip cards gathered in large numbers on the capitol this Saturday to speak out against what many call the Shadow Side of the Trump White House. When asked to comment on the size of the crowd, event organizer Henrietta Snow of Present Day Tarot explained: “We knew to expect the Pamela Colman Smith deck and her many derivatives. But what a delight to see so many decks of every shape and size, both mass-produced and independent. Look! There’s one of our most revered predecessors,” she said, pointing to a cluster of 15th Century figures waving a sign that read, “Now You’ve Gone and Pissed off the Grand Etteilla!”

In a pre-march rally, the High Priestess, wearing a Nasty Woman t-shirt, addressed the crowd. “The cards formerly known as ‘Trumps’ will herewith be referred to as the ‘Major Arcana’ – until we find a way to de-vulgarize our good name. Now put on your pussy hats, ladies, and let the march begin!”

The Star and The World cards led the way, holding banners that read, “Keep your laws out of my uterus!” and “There IS no Planet B,” respectively. Close behind The Devil card led Justice and Judgment in a chant of “Hell Toupee! Hell Toupee!” The Hermit card walked slowly to one side with cardboard sign that read, “Not usually a sign guy, but GEEZ!

Following the Major Arcana, the Royals mixed and mingled among their elements. The King of Cups, with a sign reading “Love makes us great,” held hands with the King of Wands. The Queens of Swords and Pentacles shared a banner demanding to “Keep it Intersectional.”  There were audible sighs at the sight of the young Page of Wands, toddling along with a finger-painted sign which read, “I [HEART] TRAINS.”

Pips of every size and suit followed behind, waving signs that ranged from snarky to somber. “I am so ready to move on!” exclaimed the 6 of Swords. “If this administration has done one good thing, it’s gotten us off our butts.” Walking beside her, the 8 of cups supported the sentiment, saying, “the future is female. Point us toward the moon!”

Bringing up the rear of the march was the 8 of Pentacles, with a sign that read: “Sisters and Brothers, this is just the beginning! There’s work to be done. You know what to do – Now do it!”


For more information, contact Henrietta Snow: yetta@presentdaytarot@gmail.com

Images bases are from my favorite Rider-Waite-Smith deck printed by US Games.

2017 Raffle Winner

Happy New Year, Friends of Present Day Tarot!

The winner of the 2017 New Year Tarot Raffle is Anita U, as announced on my first Facebook video production (very fancy!), in which you can get a glimpse of my tarot studio and even meet my cat, Blue.

Anita will receive a full tarot reading with me, valued at $125. The reading will happen either in my South Seattle studio or remotely via Skype, Face Time, phone or email, as she prefers. I have contacted her directly to arrange the prize.

Raffles are a fun way for me to reach out, so please keep an eye on my Facebook page for more to come in 2017. In general, I make short-term announcements and event postings on Facebook, while reserving this blog for essays and more substantive writing. If you do not do Facebook, I applaud you and envy you your privacy! You are very welcome to join my email list (lightly used and never shared) by writing to yetta@presentdaytarot.com.

If you prefer not to leave tarot up to chance, you can always book a reading directly or contact me for information about parties, workshops, mentoring and more.

All the best to you for a wonderful 2017!