The Earliest Tarot Cards

Handmade cards dated 1430-1540. These are photos from my visit to the Cloisters Museum in New York City, Feb 2016. So grateful to the museum for allowing pix!


I documented many more of the cards and dates in a Facebook post on February 11, 2106. Look here for the whole installation:

The sun came out today, and along with it, mountains that have been prettying themselves up behind clouds.

The card to sum up this moment is the Last Judgment card, aka “Judgement,” which tells you that a glorious change is underway. You are emerging from a long, dark gray time, and have the sun’s warmth to welcome you to the next chapter. This card comes up for new jobs, finalized divorces, improved health and more. When this shows in your reading, you are moving swiftly into a promising new stage of life, old negatives falling away like the┬árain.

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Congratulations, All Blacks (all Wands)!

It was impossible for me to watch today’s Rugby World Cup without imagining the fiery suit of wands playing out across the field. The New Zealand All Blacks gave the best rendition ever of the 9 of Wands (with Death and the Ace) in their amazing pre-game Haka:

My friend Ken has taught me that the most common version of the Haka — different than today’s — starts with the words: Ka Mate Ka Mate (It is Death, It is Death) and then Ka ora Ka ora (It is life, it is life). Death, Vitality (the Ace of Wands), and Strength (the 9 of wands) are embodied together in the pyramid of All Blacks teammates. Don’t mess!

Ace of Coins Room in the Arctic Club

Check out the Ace of Coins room in downtown Seattle! It’s in the Arctic Club and is open to the public. It’s actually called the “dome room” — same difference. The Ace of Coins represents the energy source for manifesting things in the physical realm. The earth sign suit, also called Pentacles or Disks, is strongly associated with money and other tangibles. A good place to mediate and ground yourself when you’re pregnant or starting a new business. The hotel bills it as a great place for auctions — I bet!