The Tarot Ten Gets Well

Version 2I couldn’t take a photo of where I was or who I was with this morning, so the 10 of Pentacles will have to do. I was visiting Daryel, the Somali women’s health group that meets in South Seattle every Sunday. I’ve written about them before, and so has the Seattle Times: “For Somali women, health program eases the pain of war, exile.” The word Daryel means “wellness” in Somali.

The group is flourishing after over 7 years of gathering weekly, and today more than 20 women filled the meeting space with voices, hugs and movement. As I spent time with them, I felt the boisterous company of the 10 of Pentacles.

Rider Waite 10 of PentsThe 10 of Pentacles evokes wealth – especially the wealth of connections. This card is sometimes reduced to the idea of family money, but you see another side of it in Daryel. The women of Daryel have experienced war and displacement beyond what most of us know or can imagine. They now find solace in one another’s company half way across the world. What is more comforting, earthy, and valuable, than a friend who knows what you’ve been through and has your back? Surround yourself with 20 such friends and you will feel the 10 of Pentacles!

Motherpeace Tarot 10 of DiscsIn tarot, the tens evoke a resting place. Theoretically speaking, we use the moment of the tens to assess our accomplishments and then decide how to go forward. The assumption is that the respite will be enough to restore your strength and resolve. While that’s easy to imagine when looking at, say, the 10 of Swords or the 10 of Wands, I might not blame anyone for choosing to stay with the 10 of Pentacles for a while. Especially depending on what they’ve gone through to get there.

(Images shown here: Golden Tarot by Kat Black, Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, and Motherpeace Tarot)


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