Press Release: TxROT WOMxN’s March


“There must be, like, a thousand decks here!” delighted organizers exclaim

THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS, January 21, 2017. — The Tarot’s Major Arcana, Royalty and Pip cards gathered in large numbers on the capitol this Saturday to speak out against what many call the Shadow Side of the Trump White House. When asked to comment on the size of the crowd, event organizer Henrietta Snow of Present Day Tarot explained: “We knew to expect the Pamela Colman Smith deck and her many derivatives. But what a delight to see so many decks of every shape and size, both mass-produced and independent. Look! There’s one of our most revered predecessors,” she said, pointing to a cluster of 18th Century figures waving a sign that read, “Now You’ve Gone and Pissed off the Grand Etteilla!”

In a pre-march rally, the High Priestess, wearing a Nasty Woman t-shirt, addressed the crowd. “The cards formerly known as ‘Trumps’ will herewith be referred to as the ‘Major Arcana’ – until we find a way to de-vulgarize our good name. Now put on your pussy hats, ladies, and let the march begin!”

The Star and The World cards led the way, holding banners that read, “Keep your laws out of my uterus!” and “There IS no Planet B,” respectively. Close behind The Devil card led Justice and Judgment in a chant of “Hell Toupee! Hell Toupee!” The Hermit card walked slowly to one side with cardboard sign that read, “Not usually a sign guy, but GEEZ!

Following the Major Arcana, the Royals mixed and mingled among their elements. The King of Cups, with a sign reading “Love makes us great,” held hands with the King of Wands. The Queens of Swords and Pentacles shared a banner demanding to “Keep it Intersectional.”  There were audible sighs at the sight of the young Page of Cups, toddling along with a finger-painted sign which read, “Love is the Answer.”

Pips of every size and suit followed behind, waving signs that ranged from snarky to somber. “I am so ready to move on!” exclaimed the 6 of Swords. “If this administration has done one good thing, it’s gotten us off our butts.” Walking beside her, the 8 of cups supported the sentiment, saying, “the future is female. Point us toward the moon!”

Bringing up the rear of the march was the 8 of Pentacles, with a sign that read: “Sisters and Brothers, this is just the beginning! There’s work to be done. You know what to do – Now do it!”


For more information, contact Henrietta Snow:


Images bases are from my favorite Rider-Waite-Smith deck printed by US Games.


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