2017 Raffle Winner

Happy New Year, Friends of Present Day Tarot!

The winner of the 2017 New Year Tarot Raffle is Anita U, as announced on my first Facebook video production (very fancy!), in which you can get a glimpse of my tarot studio and even meet my cat, Blue.

Anita will receive a full tarot reading with me, valued at $125. The reading will happen either in my South Seattle studio or remotely via Skype, Face Time, phone or email, as she prefers. I have contacted her directly to arrange the prize.

Raffles are a fun way for me to reach out, so please keep an eye on my Facebook page for more to come in 2017. In general, I make short-term announcements and event postings on Facebook, while reserving this blog for essays and more substantive writing. If you do not do Facebook, I applaud you and envy you your privacy! You are very welcome to join my email list (lightly used and never shared) by writing to yetta@presentdaytarot.com.

If you prefer not to leave tarot up to chance, you can always book a reading directly or contact me for information about parties, workshops, mentoring and more.

All the best to you for a wonderful 2017!



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