Hermit in Love

People are never excited to see The Hermit in their love readings, but it happens all the time. “When will I meet my soul mate?” (The Hermit) “What does the future look like with my current partner?” (The Hermit!) Today it was, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” (The HERMIT!!) It makes for an awkward moment every time.

13423919_1404651042882108_1830049019912469846_nYou might as well tell someone to go kiss an angler fish. All pretense of beauty aside, this creature is what it is. The ugliest, deep water denizen dangles a lantern in front of its own face saying, “love me, warts and all.”

The Hermit is a watery card, or more exactly, it is the reliable Virgo earth beneath a body of water. While other trumps – the Chariot, the Lovers, the Wheel – hold the energy of the water above, I see the Hermit as the long and still riverbed. It is the deepest part of our souls in this lifetime. Meditate in silence to connect with yourself at the Hermit level. Change on this level affects everything that happens above.

Does the Hermit sentence you to a life alone? No, that’s not how tarot works. But if you are looking for someone to love, this card insists that you look inside first. Here are some of the interpretations I’ve given in the past, gleaned from my written readings (with all identifying info omitted, of course):

• You are worried that your boyfriend is cheating. You are concerned about honesty. The lantern this figure holds represents your inner wisdom. Honor this part of yourself. Look deeply into your situation and listen to your inner voice. Use the Hermit’s lantern to help you understand how you got here and how to proceed.

• What are your deepest values for a relationship and for your expectations of another? The Hermit suggests that you will not be satisfied with anyone who is not able to meet you at the deepest level.

• If you are usually pragmatic and action-oriented, this card challenges you to bring out the other side of yourself as you look for a new partner. It says you will be well served to not rush things.

The Hermit doesn’t take loneliness for granted. It is an important part of being human, which is most often hidden by the noise and busy happenings of our day-to-day.

Tarot cards pictured above come from these decks, (from L to R): The Antiquarian Tarot, The Fountain Tarot, and The  Book of Thoth. The fish photo is from National Geographic.


This essay is a re-issue of a post from my Facebook page, written in April 2015 when I was going through one of my periodic crushes on the Hermit card. Circumstances nowadays lead me to focus on more action-oriented cards. I use Facebook to advertise Present Day Tarot’s current events, like local reading appearances, promotional discounts, and classes. Please visit me there, too!


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