A Beautiful Question

A client asked me a beautiful question:

“Any positive life changes on the way for me? I have been going through tough times for too long.”

I love this question for so many reasons. While it’s about the future, it isn’t a fortune telling request. The person asking it is looking for empowerment, which is perhaps the highest purpose of the Tarot. Even though it’s worded as a yes/no question, it invites a descriptive answer from a wide range of possibilities. Mostly, what makes this question so suitable for a good reading is that it was asked from the heart rather than the head. 

When people prepare for a reading, I recommend that they bring an open-ended question that matters to them and that they are able to share with me. In general, the more heartfelt the question, the more meaningful the reading will be. We will spend time upfront fine-tuning the question, so that we can return to it as a landing place if needed during the reading.

For the questioner in this case, the response was as elegant as the question. The World card – the final Major Arcana card in the deck – is a message of earned wisdom, mindfulness, and wholeness. You can’t get there without hardship, and you can’t be there without peace.

The 21st Major Arcana Card images shown here, from left to right, come from the Fountain Tarot deck, the Thoth deck (renamed as the ‘Universe’), and the Golden Tarot deck. Feature photo above is the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

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