The Devil in Love

People often come to a tarot reading asking about ex loves – Does she still love me? Will we ever reconcile? Was it a mistake to break up? There is often a lot of energy and anguish stored in these questions, regardless of the amount of time since the breakup.

I got a question about this a while ago, and was nonplussed when the Devil card showed up front and center. In many cases, this card matches the situation spectacularly well.

The Devil in the 15th century Visconti Sforza deck is a particularly tricky looking character

It might be alarming to see the Devil card in response to a question about love, but it is not as frightening a card as it might seem. It absolutely does NOT predict a cursed or unhappy future. Instead, it talks much more about the present state, in which a person is bound and tied by a singular  desired outcome. As one of the Major Arcana, it indicates that the longing has grown to an unbearable point, and that the issues at hand are likely more than they seem at face value.

The Devil card acknowledges that you have become captive to your feelings about your ex. It suggests that your focus on the other person is not serving you well, and that you are having a hard time breaking free of the idea that you will come together again. Your interest in this person has become an addiction.

The beauty of the Devil card is that it invites you to regain power over your choices and your destiny. The story in the card is that the people pictured, who are chained to the devil’s podium, could very easily lift the chains from their necks. The chains are only loosely draped around them, and it is fully in their power to lift them and walk away to a better situation. Once you are healthy and free of the addictive thinking, you will be in a much better place to determine the course of your own love life.

With the Devil showing his card up front, the rest of this reading was freed up for us to explore the ways out. What gives this energy so much power over you? How can you escape this dynamic and avoid it in the future? What avenues exist today to get you to a healthier, freer relationship?



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