Dems and the Tarot

13645264_1459011067446105_3518131994254736296_nThe opinionated Crowley deck is serving me well for politics. I asked: “Show me the energy of the Democratic Convention,” and drew a 10-card spread that was magic.

I did this reading on the first night of the convention, just after Bernie made his long anticipated, ultimately gracious concession and relinquished his energetic hold on the room. In the center of the spread, Death (reversed) shows a monumental end that was a long time coming. And crossing this card, also from the Major Arcana: the Empress, in a pink and green pantsuit.


The Death card represents a loss and new beginning. Many cards in the deck show angles on this (the 6 of Swords, for instance), but this Major Arcana card makes it monumental. The Empress shows the energy crossing the issue, “for better or for worse.” It even looks like Hillary! That coincidence happens more often than you’d think possible.

I cannot write up the whole spread and expect anyone to want to read to the end, but each card had equally jaw-dropping resonance for me. To quote another politician we know [who showed up as the Hierophant (reversed) in position 8], “Believe me, it’s really, really good. The best.” To see comments about each card separately, see my Facebook post from 7/28/16.

Reading about the present day is one of my favorite things to do. Readings that resonate give you insight into both the situation and the cards themselves. I’ll follow this reading with a deep look at each card in context, making entries in my tarot journals and personal dictionary. In November, I’ll look back at them again. Perhaps then I will understand why the Princess of Cups is showing so joyfully as the Outcome card. And looking so much like Elizabeth Warren.


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