A Political Prediction

Choosing the leader of the Free World should not be taken lightly. But from a tarot perspective, it is great fun to play with the cards in an election season. You can ask your questions, place your bets, and find out in no time if you were right or wrong.

This may seem like a contradiction to my central philosophy, that Tarot is less about predicting and more about reading the energies of the moment. However, it’s a great learning tool to ask juicy questions of the Tarot – in good faith – and then see what Tarot gives you in return.

With that disclaimer, I asked, “How will this republican primary unfold?”

I’ll attach a photo of the entire spread and invite your comments. To keep this post to a readable length, I will focus only on the right pillar. In the Celtic Cross spread, these cards signify, from bottom to top: 1) the person in relation to the question asked, 2) the energies surrounding that person, 3) hopes and fears, and 4) the outcome. Because I wanted clarification on the outcome card, I pulled an additional 2 cards and placed them on either side.

So many trumps! I used the entire deck for this spread, but the final 6 cards are all from the trump suit, reflecting how larger-than-life this contest has become. Does it feel to anyone else like we are experiencing a struggle of archetypal proportions?

The Fool shows as the subject of the spread. And while this card is in many ways the most respected card in the deck, Freud famously noted “sometimes a pipe is just a pipe.” Sometimes the Fool is just a fool. Is this fool one of the candidates, or is it ME, for asking the question? There’s nothing like being called out by your cards.

The Fool can come in when the cards want to refuse an answer, basically saying, “I’m not telling.” Still, I’ll allow myself to think of this as Trump. The other two men have different characteristics that would show themselves in other cards. (That would be a fun thing to ponder.) Plus, I see a supporting image in the fantastical headpiece in the Sun card above.

The surrounding energy is represented by the High Priestess – indisputably Hillary. Regardless of whether or not she gets the nomination, her energy is a mighty presence in this race. (But full disclosure: this is the second spread I’ve done that shows Hillary rising to the top.)

The 3rd card I love – Death reversed in the position of hopes and fears. When is the Trump fiasco going to unravel? We vacillate between wanting his streak to end, and fearing its end because of who would fill the void. We hope for and are terrified by the same thing.

And finally, the Sun card, reversed, as the outcome. This is a tough call, as predictions usually are. The reversal of this sunny card could represent overconfidence, childlike simplicity, or a false sense of security, turned on end. I asked for two clarifying cards and got the Star reversed and the Emperor. Those say “misguided power” to me. Could be a candidate, or it could be the republican establishment as a whole. I am swayed again by the amazing hair on the Emperor in the Golden Tarot deck, and so have strengthened my hypothesis that Trump will rise to lead the establishment that he has, in large part, dismantled.

12936502_1348184195195460_3006967511798682600_n12920401_1348184301862116_8861508689130419556_n12512632_1348184428528770_8180314524579833461_n12961700_1348184508528762_5111855467885158363_nFullSizeRender (3)

Wow, it’s difficult to write down all the impressions from a spread! In person, the Celtic Cross takes close to an hour to examine, and is best done with the interaction of two people – seeker and reader. I haven’t even touched the left side of the spread. If you are intrigued or have interpretations, please chime in. Or, better yet, message me for a reading about something more immediate in your own life. I am always happy to draw out the cards.

These cards are from the Golden Tarot deck by Kat Black.


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