The Five of Toes

I am not superstitious, but I still pause before picking the 5 of Coins cards from several decks to examine them side-by-side. Words associated with this card are hardship, adversity, worry, drought. The most common depiction shows two injured, apparently homeless people struggling against a snowstorm in an alley by a grand window. The warm light beaming through the stained glass window is said to represent hope from the community inside.


I wanted to look at these today because I’ve begun a new gig that makes me feel like I am living the 5 of Coins from the other side of the window. Last Sunday I started volunteering to give foot massages at Daryel, a Somali Women’s Wellness Project in South Seattle. (Check out their facebook page or the Times article below – and donate to them if you can!).

I can’t describe how moving it is to have someone trust you to hold her feet. And if, as you rub them, you imagine the places she’s walked across the world, and the pain she’s absorbed, and how she now stands in a place so different from where she began… it’s a much deeper experience than you might expect.

Tarot is also a much deeper experience than people tend to imagine. Tarot is about human connections. When it works well, it is an exchange of energy that leaves both people better than they were before. And yes, it is magic.

People often consult readers when they are feeling the 5’s – illness (coins), stress (wands), conflict (swords) or depression (cups). I’m hoping that my experience as a foot masseuse will make me a better reader. Call me the 5 of Toes!

Here’s the link for more news about Daryel:…/somali-womens-yoga-and-heal…/…


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