Tarot Workout: Did I fool the interview committee?

“Pamela” recently interviewed for a management position in her company.

She explains, “This job is a stretch for me, but I know I have potential and could handle it eventually. I don’t think I fooled them in the interview, however. What does the Tarot have to say about my chances?

Using the Fountain Tarot deck, you lay out the following spread:

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Tarot 101: Learn to Read Tarot Cards

The best way to learn tarot is to have the Tarot teach itself to you.

To start, get a three-ring binder, 78 looseleaf pages, and the tarot deck of your choice. Then enter a conversation with the Tarot by cycling through these basic steps:

CCF03092014_00000 copy1. Play

Practice and play, giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to to relate to your cards. Pull a card each day, mediate on the images, do complicated spreads that are way over your head. Sing to your cards. Sleep with them under your pillow. Follow your imagination. Consult teachers, books and blogs as much as you like. But hold this as a guiding principle: There is no greater authority in your tarot study than you. Whatever feels right, is right. If it makes you feel nervous, sheepish, guilty or inadequate, throw it away. A simple feeling of engagement is the sweet spot. This is how the Tarot speaks to you. Continue reading “Tarot 101: Learn to Read Tarot Cards”

Tarot’s Strength Card: More than just a pretty face

Strength is arguably one of the prettiest cards in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

Version 2It’s second only to The Star in terms of how frequently it appears on tattoos, tote bags, and stationery. I’ve succumbed as well. Strength is the central figure in my go-to protest sign (re-titled #Resist). But while the design is attractive, its pretty veneer gives it a superficial feel. That, combined with its rather generic name, makes it easy to underestimate the breadth of meaning in this card.

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Tarot in Motion

I’m in an airport, naturally thinking about tarot’s travel card, the Chariot.

Chariot and travelHow different my chariot is than the Greco-Roman contraption featured in the Rider-Waite deck. Engines instead of sphinxes, wings in place of the wagon wheels. From the image, the driver’s fabulous outfit helps me shake the feeling that this is just a tiresome schlep. It’s amazing — miraculous, even — to be in a current of motion, whether you put yourself there or are swept up by forces beyond your control.

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You Can Predict My Future (please do!)

I voted Knight of PentsThe day before the US midterm elections, I asked the Tarot, “What can I know about the outcome?”

I got the Fool (aka, the “I’m not telling” card) crossed by the 3 of Wands (which basically says, “Wait and see”). So I did. And we have. And here we are on the other side, in a reality changed — slightly, but significantly — by our collective intention to vote in record numbers.

I’m asking you to vote again. But this time, it’s to predict my future. Will you please fill out this end-of-year survey to help me plan my business in 2019? It’s entertaining and shorter than a midterm ballot. Each person who completes it will be entered in a drawing for a tarot reading in the new year. Your feedback is so valuable to me. Thank you for voting!

— Yetta Snow, Present Day Tarot

DSC_4318 copy


Tarot Workout: My Relationship to Money

A search of my documented tarot readings revealed to me that The Lovers card shows up far more frequently for readings about money than about love. Here’s one example for your next Tarot Workout:

The Question

Scott writes in with this question:

“I would like a general reading about how things look for me in terms of money and wealth.”

The Spread

Using the Fountain Tarot, you lay out the following spread:



CARD 1 (Where Scott Stands): 5 of Wands, reversed

CARD 2 (Opportunity for better or worse): 6 of Cups

CARD 3 (Direction Scott is headed): Lovers, reversed


This is what the cards look like when upright (though keep in mind that the first and third show in reverse):


One additional note: Scott has given you his birth date, and with those numerals you determine that his Birth Card (sometimes called the ‘Soul Purpose’ card) is Major Arcana #6: The Lovers.

What do you say to Scott?

(Tarot students: try out an interpretation of your own, and return afterwards to see Yetta’s response, below).


Yetta’s response:

Alan, I see this time as something of a wake-up call for you. It shows you currently directing your energies in a scattered way, or even misdirecting them completely. The 5 of Wands, reversed, shows a picture of un-grounded competition. There is an opportunity in your path — showing as the 6 of Cups — that is tempting like candy, but naïve in nature. The result of following this tack in the long run looks to me like the end of a partnership.

The final card – The Lovers – also happens to be your soul card. I take the further message to be: Where you stand now, with the decisions ahead of you, provides a chance for you to realign with your soul purpose. That purpose has to do with taking a long view of wealth, making choices according to long-term consequences, and continually working to adjust your actions to reality as it unfolds.

About Tarot Workouts

The Tarot Workouts from Present Day Tarot are short, real-life case studies to help you exercise your tarot-reading muscle. Come back later to see how my response compares to your own. Your answer may very well differ significantly from mine, which says nothing about what is right or wrong. First, know that even though this is based on a real-life reading, I’ve changed many of the identifying details. Also, you do not have the luxury of an energetic connection to the initial questioner, though it’s likely you have one with me! 

— Yetta