Tarot Workout: What Kind of Tarot Reader am I?

The Question

Cindy has been studying tarot on her own for about 6 months. She is enthusiastic about making this a big part of her life, and is looking to learn, grow, and eventually read for others. She writes in to ask, “What kind of tarot reader am I?”

The Spread

Using the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, you prepare to lay out the spread below. First, you choose a card to signify Cindy (The Signfier card is shown as “S” in the spread illustration). Because she is at the start of her tarot journey and seems open to anything, you give her the Fool, and place it at the center to focus the reading.

Version 4

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The Playful Heart Tarot Review: An Afternoon with Zaara Kittenchops

What is it like to be in a rainbow?

Zaara Kittenchops framed workSomething like visiting artist Zaara Kittenchops in her studio, I’d wager. The walls are covered bottom to top with framed originals of her new tarot deck, The Playful Heart Tarot. Brightly-glazed ceramics of adorable figures rest on nearly every available surface. She stands by her art supply closet for a photo, saying it’s the most interesting corner in the place. Visually, I don’t agree. But for the artist, I suppose, a supply closet is the doorway to the future.

Zaara Kittenchops in her studio

In the present, Zaara is celebrating the first copy of her deck, fresh from the printer. (To see her Kickstarter campaign, jump over here). I hold the cards in my hand and can’t help smiling. The colors leap. The characters laugh, sing and weep. The cards shuffle and cut like butter. But the artwork is unabashedly cute, and my knee-jerk reaction is to be skeptical. How can the full breadth of the Tarot possibly be conveyed in such a cute package?

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Tarot Workout: Love Reading

“Chloe” is 23 years old and single, having recently been ‘ghosted’ by someone she’d been seeing.

She is learning tarot on her own, and knows to focus her question on her own power to find love. She says she’s tempted to ask, “Why did he ditch me? Does he still have feelings for me?” But she knows that those answers won’t help her in the long run, and will just serve to relinquish her energy to someone who does not deserve it. After meditating on her feelings, she decides to word the question this way:

“What is something I should know about my love life, and how can I move forward in the best way?”

The Spread

4 column cover cross root and crown.001Using the Victorian Fairy Tarot, you lay out the following 4-card spread:

CARD 1 (Covering energy): Queen of Summer (Cups), reversed

CARD 2 (Crossing energy): The Fool

CARD 3 (Basis for a healthy relationship): Herald of Spring (Page of Wands), reversed

CARD 4 (Message from the Universe): The Hermit

Here are the images:


The Queen of Summer (Cups) and the Herald of Spring (Page of Wands), cards 1 and 3, show upside-down.

The Fool is a crossing card, and is non-directional. The Hermit shows rightside-up in the crown position.

What do you say to Chloe?


Tarot Students, stop reading here and take some time to form your own response for Chloe. Then read below for mine.

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Tarot Deck Review: Carnival at the End of the World

World CarnivalThis tarot deck will ask a lot of you.

It is, after all, a preparation for the end of the world.

Despite the fact that global doom is in the title, it can take a while to recognize the existential premise behind The Carnival at the End of The World. Just as your shower still sprays hot water, and the station still serves up gasoline on demand, you expect this tarot deck to go on as usual, forever. The deck is a head scratcher at first, with images that often seem entirely unrelated to traditional tarot card meanings.  Once you recognize that the artists are heralding environmental disaster, however, the cards will start talking to you, loud and clear. Continue reading “Tarot Deck Review: Carnival at the End of the World”

Present Day Tarot Welcomes Mt. Baker’s New Metaphysical Store

Visiting Phantom Quartz is like stepping into tarot’s Star card.


The new metaphysical shop in Seattle’s Mt. Baker neighborhood has an etherial feel. Decorated in white and gold and filled with living things — crystals, plants, tarot cards! — the atmosphere is both tranquil and energized. Like the Star card, it is the embodiment of an inspiration.

I spoke with the owner, Sofia McKee, whose dream and hard work transformed a once-invisible entry nook into a small oasis on the business strip. She talked to me about her life path and the intention that went into shaping the Phantom Quartz metaphysical boutique Continue reading “Present Day Tarot Welcomes Mt. Baker’s New Metaphysical Store”

The Blue Angels and the Devil Card

The Devil card reminds us that we have more choices than we realize.

Devil SpoliaWhen reacting to life’s experiences, it’s worth it to find the positive, light-filled response rather than stewing in the negative.

I’ve never quite gotten there with the Blue Angels airshow.

Every first weekend in August, the south end of Seattle is home to the Seafair air show, featuring the US Navy’s Blue Angels. The jets tear across the sky so fast and so close to the ground that they leave car alarms blaring in their wake. It’s one thing to see it from a distance, but if you are situated in a sound-enhancing valley near the show’s epicenter, it can feel like riding out an earthquake while being whacked by sticks at a punishing speed. In tarot terms, it’s like living the Tower card surrounded by the 5 and 8 of Wands.

Spolia Tarot Triptych

Today, I’ve decided to dust off a spot in the basement and retreat with my quaking, normally-nervous-anyway puppy, and check out my newest purchase, The Spolia Tarot by Jen May and Jessa Crispin. Studying tarot during Seafair may be a little bit like meditating in the New York City subway, but I’ve decided it’s worth a try.

Tarot Workout: Business Success

The Question

Andrew is a businessman working in a large, international corporation. He asks:

“What are the important influences surrounding my financial situation at present and in the near future?”

The Spread

Using La Corte Dei Tarocchi by Anna Maria D’Onofrio, you lay out the following spread:

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