Broken Bone Tarot Reading

One of my early tarot “aha!” moments came from a spread featuring the 3 of Swords and the 4 of Pentacles.

My young daughter had taken a fall and her thumb was hurting badly. The simple question was: How serious is this injury?

I was new to tarot, and the meaning of the two cards didn’t come to me immediately. These were the first and final cards in a Celtic Cross spread, which was pretty much the only spread I knew how to do at the time. (“What was happening to your injured child while you dealt out a 10-card reading,” you ask? All I can say is that she can text as fast as any of her college-mates today. It must have been okay.) Continue reading “Broken Bone Tarot Reading”


Tarot Classes begin Thursday 7/12

Give your intuition a gift this summer: Tarot lessons!

Version 2

It’s your last chance to sign up for the Tarot for Fun and Insight classes with Yetta Snow of Present Day Tarot. The classes are held on 4 consecutive Thursday nights starting July 12th. You’ll get history, theory, practice and a chance to create a card of your own. Seattleites: don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the Tarot. It will be great company for you now and through the winter.

All the details, plus your sign-up page, can be found here.

Present Day Tarot Make Your Own Tarot Card

Still have questions? Contact Yetta directly for more info.

Tarot Workout: Two Pages

“Renaldo” brings me the following question:

“There was a person in my life who was very special for me, and I was very special for him.  We argued and stopped talking to each other.  Do you see him
messaging me, e-mailing me or coming to see me any time soon?”

Sun Gold 700x600pxAs I plan out the tarot spread, I consider two aspects of the question that deserve special attention. Continue reading “Tarot Workout: Two Pages”

U.S. Immigration in 3 Tarot Cards

“Show me U.S. immigration policy in 3 tarot cards.”

I ask the question, then shuffle and cut my deck as usual. Like so many of us, I’ve been focused on the news of children being separated from families at the US/Mexico border. I’ve just smudged my room with white sage and energized it with sweet grass. The sun is shining through my studio window. I feel present.

I place the first card in the center to represent the central theme.


Cards two and three go to either side to represent clarifying details.

4 of Pentacles and 2 of Wands. Both are upside-down.

Present Day Tarot Immigration Reading

In the most neutral interpretation, these cards say, “There is a battle for fairness (Justice) regarding two groups. One is looking for a home (2 of Wands). The other is holding the doors shut (4 of Pentacles).*

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Father’s Day Tarot Spread

Dad with macrame beltI was lucky to be raised by the guy on the right. The one with the macramé belt.

My dad was a high school French teacher for 35 years, well known in our hometown and in towns across France, too. The two French gentlemen in the photo? Who knows? My dad probably asked them for directions and ended up getting the insiders’ tour of the town. For my dad, a walk down a street is above all a chance to make friends. Bonus points if you do it in a foreign language!

This post features a different way to use tarot cards. I’ll call it Tarot on Purpose. For this kind of reading, choose the cards deliberately rather than at random. Place them down and let them talk to each other. What do the cards say about your subject? How does your experience of the subject teach you more about the cards?

Here’s my Tarot on Purpose tribute to you, Dad, using a 3-card tarot spread specially designed for Father’s Day:


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Tarot Workout: Court Tester

We’ve been talking about the Court Cards in the Tarot Salon, so I’ve chosen a reading that features them for this next Tarot Workout. 

“Micheline” writes in with this question:

“I am studying for a professional exam that is offered only every 4 months. There is pressure for me to take it as soon as possible, both financially and for reasons related to my visa. What are the chances that I would pass the exam if I take it right away?”

Using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you lay out the following spread:


  1. Covering energy (Micheline as she stands now): Queen of Pentacles, reversed
  2. Opportunity crossing for better or for worse (Taking the test right away): Page of Pentacles
  3. The most likely outcome of these together: 4 of Cups

Here are the cards from my deck:


What do you say to Micheline?

Bonus questions for fun:

  1. Pull an “advice” card from your deck. What further guidance do you get from that?
  2. Do you read these Court Cards as different people, aspects of Micheline, or a combination of the two? Why, and how would your reply differ if you saw it the other way?
— Stop here to complete your reading before looking on for my response. —

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Present Day Tarot Excitement

This is a quick post to share two things:

  1. The Tarot Workout that I circulated a week ago has been updated with my written response. To find out what my cards had to say about Beverly’s new crush, to compare your own interpretation, and to glimpse the intuitive process behind a tarot reading, now’s the time to revisit the completed post.
  2. I am happy to announce that I will be teaching a 4-week tarot class for beginners in North Seattle this summer. In partnership with the Rekindle School (formerly known as the Experimental College), I will give you just enough tarot knowledge to be dangerous, you luckies! It will be hands-on, interactive, creative, magical and expansive. Best staycation ever! Get all the details here, and join me for a summertime adventure in the world of the Tarot!


All the best to you,

— Yetta

Images: At an art fair a couple years ago, I didn’t realize how much my card-making booth would match the 4 of Wands card from the Golden Tarot. The 4 of Wands is a card of welcome. It says, “Come in and join me! There’s something fun happening here!” It is also a key card featured in the Tarot Workout referenced above.